Sheikha Fatima, a graduate from design school, who has started a small business all by herself. Building a customer and fan base of more than three thousand people. She gets inspiration from all around.

Sheikha Fatima says “Inspiration to me comes from anything around me; it can be a flower, a person’s attitude, a cup of coffee, a nice smell. Yet for most of my custom made pieces I get inspired by the person who I am designing for.”

Sheikha Fatima uses pearls from the first Pearls cultivating farm in the Gulf and Middle East, in Ras Al Khaimah. She makes sure to use pearls of the highest standard, as graded by labs from Japan and Switzerland. Her designs can be found at her shop in Wafi. Her first collection launched in the year of 2009.


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Local Designer Sheikha Fatima Al Qassimi

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