Art meets style. Fatima Al Qassimi is an online jewellery boutique and custom design studio highlighting an ever – evolving collection crafted by hand and defined by sustainable and incomparable quality. Our go-to jewellery collection is always on trend and synonymous with self-expression because we understand what women want to wear.

About the Artist

Since 2008, Fatima Al Qassimi’s iconic jewellery has inspired a movement, leaving an indelible mark on the Middle East’s jewellery
scene. Whether dazzling the red carpet or elevating a basic tee and blue jeans, Fatima Al Qassimi’s jewellery collections are understated yet fearless. Her designs have become enduring and empowering favourites, frequently seen on the red carpet and the pages of fashion magazines.


Inspired by everyday elegance coupled with a commitment to sustainability, Fatima Al Qassimi is focused on creating timeless designs for modern women seeking wearable and thoughtfully crafted pieces. Our entire selection of jewellery is handcrafted in the United Arab Emirates and consciously sourced using the highest quality and ethical materials from around the world.


Today, Fatima Al Qassimi continues to create timeless jewellery for discerning women seeking wearable and thoughtfully crafted pieces and has carved a unique position as a founder, designer, and innovator.

Meet the Team

Gayane Aharonya

In her role as Sales Coordinator, Gayane works to enhance the brand's overall operating efficiency and excellence. She coordinates corporate communications, drives new sales opportunities, and oversees processes that improve and maximise team productivity.

Gayane acts as the liaison for colleagues and clients alike, and her professionalism, responsiveness, and customer - centric approach ensure the Fatima Al Qassimi brand retains its high customer satisfaction ranking.

Komitas Aharonyan

Renowned for his intricate knowledge and skill with metalworking techniques and with over 25 years of experience, Komitas is a sought - after and highly skilled artisan with an eye for detail and an understanding of how precious materials can be fashioned to create beautiful objects.

His elevated artistic skill and craftsmanship have empowered Komitas to create bespoke and distinctive pieces for clients around the globe, including Argentina, China, Russia, and Italy, and over a decade within the United Arab Emirates.

Khachik Aharonyan

For over 10 years, Khachik's precision and skill have ensured that any diamond or coloured gemstone is featured in the best possible way without overpowering the design of any bespoke piece of jewellery. He has mastered working with gold, platinum, and silver and has broadened his expertise to include ring rhodium plating, wax carving, mould making and casting.

Khachik's mastery of his skill means settings that will maximise a stone's durability while, at the same time, enhancing its sparkle.

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