The Artist_

Fatima is a talented jewellery designer, passionate and committed to designing, and producing fine quality pieces of Jewelry making since 2006.

Fatima continues to develop her expertise, creating elegant precious pieces and collections transpiring parts of her personality throughout her series of designs that reflects an innovative journey with a sense of eternity.

Fatima tends to seek inspiration from her surroundings, reviving and representing a blend of her culture, heritage and her passion for art.

Fatima believes in supporting the community with job opportunities, bringing to light the importance of her culture, and traditions, shown through her art and ideas of how to endorse creativity.

‘ Fatima is one of the most influential jewelry designers in the Gulf region. Her creations are a beautiful and elegant twist to traditional Arabic jewelry; a niche she’s carved for herself regionally and worldwide ’Khaleejesque

The Creation_

The jewel of Fatima Alqassimi will transpire the creativity and fine craftsmanship of our professional stone setters into masterpieces developed and designed with gems and precious metals available.
We also offer a unique and exquisite variety of one of a kind fine jewellery, exclusive gifts, as well work from guest designers around the globe and other consulting services.